The Saving Grace Project
A Prisoner to Poverty

Being born into poverty is something that is hard for many people to truly understand. You hear about it on the news or watch it in movies but it becomes personal when you see it for yourself. Grace lived with her mother, sister and nephew in an 8×8 dirt floor home. Jobs are rare to have and food stamps or government support is not an option, people are desperate. So desperate that they will ignore warnings to take any job that will get them out of poverty. Children are trafficked every day from a false promise that traffickers bring them. Grace was taken in 2012 from this exact scenario and you can help make sure a little girl doesn’t disappear again.

The Saving Grace Project was started to help keep children in Africa from the desperation point. We will select a small group of children that will be given jobs and consistent income. All the proceeds of The Saving Grace Project go to this fund.

Read more about Grace’s Story [pdf]

Here’s how you can get involved.

  • | The A21 Campaign exists to abolish injustice in the 21st century through a comprehensive system of preventative measures, victim protection, prosecution of violators, and strategic partnerships.
  • | CHILDREN of the CITY is a novel, by Tiffany Pastor, that takes the statistics and gives them a face, but these faces are not just living on foreign soil. They are hidden in all facets of the American society.

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